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Renovation and abatement activities that disturb lead-based paint creates lead dust. Proper cleanup after these jobs is essential. Fred's Lead will perform Dust Wipe Sampling to determine if the area(s) are certified for re-occupancy.

Dust wipe clearance testing is required after the abatement of lead-based paint. A dust wipe is used to swipe the surfaces around where lead paint has been abated. These wipes are analyzed to verify that proper clean-up was completed so tenants can reoccupy the area.


Fred’s works with an approved third party laboratory to test the wipes to verify that the area(s) are free of lead dust. This testing may also be required to clear a violation. 


As a reminder: Dust wipe clearance testing requirements are as follows: 

• All dust wipe testing must be conducted in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations. 

• Areas tested which fail clearance must be re-cleaned and clearance tested again. A dust wipe clearance test result fails if it is not below the new standards listed below

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EPA's current clearance levels are 10 µg/ft² for floors, 100 µg/ft² for window sills and 400 µg/ft² for window troughs. Units are in micrograms per square foot.


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