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If you do not have a "Lead Free" Exemption and your building was erected before 1960 or 1978, the property owner must:

Annually monitor painted surfaces and repair the paint properly if it is peeling in apartments with children under six or in common areas of the building.

  • This monitoring includes a process of annual notices and visual inspections.

  • For abatement and repairs of lead paint, it must be done following Safe Work Practices.

  • Remove lead-based paint from doors and windows aka friction surfaces on turnover or if a child under 6 resides in the unit.

  • Test all painted surfaces by 2025 so that you know where the lead-based paint is located.

  • Maintain records related to all of the above activities for at least 10 years.

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Lead-Based Paint Annual Notice and Recordkeeping: An Owner's Guide to Compliance in NYC


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