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In the past, removing lead paint from a surface and sending it to a lab for confirmation of lead content was standard practice.

However, with the advent of XRF Analysis, this sampling method has become largely outdated.

The most accurate way to determine lead percentages in paint is by analyzing an actual paint chip.

Although the XRF Analyzer is generally reliable, there are instances where it may produce an "inconclusive" result, leading to the surface being labeled as positive for lead.

Paint chip analysis becomes essential when applying for a "Lead Free" Certified Exemption. In cases where the surface has been abated but an inconclusive result is obtained, a paint chip is taken. This chip is then sent to an independent EPA Certified Lab for analysis. If the result is negative, it supersedes the positive or inconclusive result obtained from the initial analysis. This entire process is completed within 48 hours of sampling.

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